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To place a Subrogation, Arbitration, or Collection file with DITCHEY GEIGER, LLC, please login to submit the claim information and upload your supporting documents, or copy your claim file with supporting documentation and forward by mail, e-mail, or facsimile. Via Mail: DITCHEY GEIGER, LLC 7123 Pearl Road - Suite 400 Cleveland, Ohio 44130 Via E-mail: Click Here Via Facsimile: 888.232.1934 Placement Forms (PDF files):

For claims already placed with our office, we offer QuixIt File Drop as an option for clients to send additional supports. Our ‘QuixIt’ allows drag-and-drop capability for uploading individual documents as well as folders in .zip format (a link to instructions for creating .zip folders is provided on the file drop page after logging in). After uploading your documents or .zip folder, we will then link the information to our existing claim file.

We understand that ease of process and security when forwarding claim documents are extremely important. Please ensure each document or folder name contains your claim number or the DG file number.







‘QuixIt’ is a registered Trade Name of DITCHEY GEIGER, LLC.