DITCHEY GEIGER, LLC is a nationwide subrogation collection firm registered as a TPA with Arbitration Forums, Inc.

We have a department of Arbitration Staff Writers that are dedicated to providing individually crafted arguments for liability and damage disputes that consistently win over “cut and paste” contentions. Staff Writers enjoy the benefit of our proprietary software system that provides claim specific access to jurisdictional doctrines of negligence, traffic codes, and past decisions to help formulate and produce the best approach.

Our contentions are drafted with consistent structure blending legal writing skills with easy to read analysis and conclusion. We understand how to interpret statutory responsibilities and communicate persuasive arguments that result in winning decisions.

Our principals are experienced as Arbitration Forums panel members and have a track record of success. Our clients can appreciate reduced claim handling costs with timely filings through our firm. In addition to cost savings, our clients can mitigate damage awards by engaging our services to assert effective defenses and counterclaims.


Easy, fast, and efficient.

Placements can be securely submitted through our online client portal, by dedicated email, or by facsimile. Upon submission, you will receive an acknowledgement of assignment. You will be promptly notified once a claim has been filed. Our standard inventory reports will provide the Date of Filing, Docket Number, Forum, Type of Dispute, Material Due Date, Ready Date, Heard By Date, and current status. Finally, once a decision is rendered you will receive an activity update, by email, communicating the result with the decision attached. Finally, we provide period and cumulative decision reports to track wins and losses.

  • Prompt Filing
  • Legal Writing and Research Skills
  • Results Driven
  • Efficient Process
  • Real Time Status Updates
  • Outperform the Competition
  • Flexible Fee Structures


We offer both contingency and flat rate programs. Let us prepare a tailor made fee structure that works best for you.

DITCHEY GEIGER, LLC participates in the following dispute resolution programs as outlined by Arbitration Forums:

Automobile Subrogation Arbitration Forum

Designed to resolve intercompany subrogation disputes amongst insurers, self-insureds and large retention commercial insureds involving automobile physical damage not in excess of $100,000 unless agreed upon by all parties.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Arbitration Forum

Settles disputes arising from no-fault coverage between insurers, self-insureds and commercial insureds with large retentions.

Medical Payments Subrogation Arbitration Forum

Resolves disputes arising from subrogation of medical payments coverage between insurance companies only.

Special Arbitration Forum

Resolves disputes between insurers, self-insureds, and commercial insureds with retentions for claims involving third-party liability and/or disputes regarding concurrent, over lapping, or excess/primary coverage. The amount of contribution sought may not exceed $250,000 unless agreed upon by the parties.

Property Subrogation Arbitration Forum

Addresses claims (not in excess of $100,000) involving fire, extended coverage, inland marine coverage, or other first-party property insurance.

Uninsured Motorists’ Subrogation Forum

Is the forum in which insurance companies bind themselves to arbitrate coverage questions under automobile liability policies in which a disclaimer results in a claim against another member company under its uninsured motorist endorsement.