Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:     Do you have a minimum claim balance requirement?

A:     No. We accept placements ranging from small incidents to major accidents. Additionally, there are no placement fees or set up charges.

Q:     Can you clarify your No Recovery … No Fee policy

A:     Our standard fee for subrogation placements is based on a contingency of what is recovered. The
No Recovery … No Fee pledge applies to non-litigation claims only. On litigation files, the client is responsible for payment of any court costs, filing fees, and other litigation related expenses incurred in your case, whether or not there is any recovery.

Q:     Do you require a service contract to engage your services?

A:     No. We do not require a contract. The basic terms of service are outlined on our acknowledgment for each placement. Continued engagement is based on client satisfaction. However, we do offer a more formal master service agreement as an option. Additionally, we are flexible to accept client driven agreements as well.

Q:     What types of claims do you handle?

A:     Our client list includes Insurance Carriers, Third-Party Administrators, Motor Freight Transportation Carriers, Government Entities, and Self-Insured Corporations. We have experience handling a wide variety of claims including: Automobile Physical Damage, Property Damage, Workers’ Compensation, Cargo Loss, Car Rental, Deductible Collections, and Rental Equipment Damage.

Q:     Do you outsource your non-litigation collection work?

A:     No. We have a full time dedicated staff of subrogation professionals on site in our offices located in Cleveland, Ohio. DITCHEY GEIGER, LLC has the ability to handle claims from the initial placement through final judgment. We have defined roles of responsibility for each stage of the subrogation process to ensure proper handling.

Q:     How do handle the situation where two or more clients assign the same claim for arbitration?

A:     DITCHEY GEIGER, LLC represents numerous carriers in arbitration. Our proprietary software allows us to create an Ethical Wall to protect client interests. An Ethical Wall is a screening mechanism that protects a client from a conflict of interest by preventing one or more representatives within an organization from participating in any matter involving that client. In other words it refers to procedures taken by a firm to prevent information obtained while representing a client from being disclosed to employees in the same firm who represent other clients that may profit from the information. A metaphorical wall is created between the holders of information and colleagues who represent interests or hold opinions with conflict.

Q:     What sets you apart from other agencies?

A:     DITCHEY GEIGER, LLC combines the business philosophies of a law firm, subrogation recovery company, and collection agency to provide an all in one approach to maximize recovery. Our internal training on subrogation collection practices provide the continued education and expertise to outperform the competition.