Nationwide Subrogation

DITCHEY GEIGER, LLC handles subrogation claims that arise anywhere in the continental United States, from small incidents to major accidents. Nationwide coverage allows our clients to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of an all-in-one vendor. Our client list includes Insurance Carriers, Third-Party Administrators, Motor Freight Transportation Carriers, Government Entities, and Self-Insured Corporations. We dedicate our efforts to be Aggressive, Professional, and Effective.

DITCHEY GEIGER, LLC combines the benefits of a law firm, a subrogation recovery company, and a collection agency into a single option to outperform the competition. We believe our firm can compliment your organization in a number of ways to help increase your collections and improve your bottom line. Consider using our services for the following:

  • Arbitration, Uninsured Motorist (UM) collections, Carrier v. Carrier Claims
  • E-Subro Hub assignments
  • Litigation Management
  • Payment Plan maintenance
  • Special Projects
  • Extension of your own department
  • Aggressive option to handle difficult to collect claims
  • Temporary boost to get back on diary
  • Cover vacations, sick leaves, or other temporary needs
  • Turn closed claims into cash

Our standard fee for subrogation placements is based on a contingency of what is recovered. We will forward a net remittance for each payment received.

Unless otherwise directed at the time of placement, all files are considered to be assigned for non-litigation recovery only. If our initial recovery efforts do not resolve a claim, we will contact you regarding further efforts that could be taken, including inter-company arbitration or litigation.

On litigation files, the client is responsible for payment of any court costs, filing fees, and other litigation related expenses incurred in your case, whether or not there is any recovery. These expenses will be billed to you as incurred. Our ability to effectively negotiate with adverse parties and resolve claims allows us to handle the majority of the files placed without the need for litigation.

DITCHEY GEIGER, LLC has the ability to handle claims from the initial placement through final judgment. We have defined roles of responsibility for each stage of the subrogation process to ensure proper handling. Combining the business philosophies of a law firm, subrogation recovery company, and collection agency provides an all in one approach to maximize recovery.

Our staff of skilled subrogation collection representatives maintain an aggressive yet professional approach. Our internal training on subrogation collection practices provide the continued education and expertise to exceed expectations. Below is a brief description of employee responsibilities by position.


Subrogation Collectors

Subrogation Collectors handle uninsured motorist claims seeking to secure and maintain the best payment plan based on the adverse party demographics. Their job includes petitioning for suspension of driving privileges through the state financial responsibility law, were applicable. Additionally, Subrogation Collectors will provide activity updates to help you make informed decisions on closing files or pursuing through litigation.

INSURED CLAIMS (Carrier v. Carrier)

Subrogation Specialists

Subrogation Specialists handle carrier v. carrier claims, business related collections, and unusual or difficult losses. Our Subrogation Specialists are well versed in the doctrines of negligence that are applicable based on the location of loss. When applicable, claims will be negotiated through E-Subro Hub assignments. Subrogation Specialists will also make recommendations for arbitration or litigation based on liability, member and forum status, consideration of exposure through counterclaim, and collections prognosis.


Arbitration – Staff Writers

Our Arbitration staff take pride in drafting contentions with structure that blend legal writing skills with easy to read analysis and conclusion. Our writers understand how to interpret statutory responsibilities and communicate persuasive arguments that result in winning decisions.


Legal Assistants

Legal Assistants serve as a liaison between the client and our Local Counsel. Once a file reaches a dead-end, we will advise you through activity updates and inquire as to whether or not you wish to authorize suit as a means for collection. Once authorized we will place the file with one of our Local Counsel in our nationwide network. Our Legal Assistants maintain responsibility for the file and will provide activity updates throughout the life of the file.


Files will be continuously reviewed by in-house counsel. The Partners of DITCHEY GEIGER, LLC are actively engaged in the collections process, including: litigation, negotiation of settlements, coordinating with local counsel, reviewing files, conducting legal research, portfolio management, asset reviews, and making recommendations to staff and to our clients.


  • Once received, the file will be reviewed and an acknowledgment will be sent confirming the fee agreement, claim information, and loss amount.
  • Periodic status reports will communicate our recovery efforts and collection prognosis.
  • Clients can also monitor our collection activity through our web portal
  • Where applicable, we will file notice to initiate suspension under prevailing financial responsibility laws for claims involving uninsured motorists.
  • Settlement offers will be communicated for your approval.
  • We will attempt to secure promissory notes on all payment arrangement.
  • We will forward net remittance for each recovery made.
  • If voluntary payment is not received, we will proceed with litigation only with the client’s express authority
  • Once judgment is obtained, we will continue our collection efforts through garnishment proceeding and license suspension, where applicable
  • After a file is closed, prompt notice will be sent to memorialize the final disposition of your claim.