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“No kidding!!! You guys are Killing it!!!!!! You rock!”

Subrogation Supervisor
Bloomington, Illinois

“Your team is so awesome!”

Subrogation Supervisor
Bloomington, Illinois

“You have better customer service and are quicker to file [arbitrations]. I also feel your team has a better grasp when it’s an out of the ordinary situation we want to file on.”

Subrogation Specialist

“Thank you again! Working on sending you all a ton more [arbitrations].”

Subrogation Supervisor
Bloomington, IL

“I have had nothing but the best treatment and excellence when it comes to Ditchey Geiger, not just in their service but also knowledge of demands, Arbitration, and California DOI data”

Subrogations Claims Service Representative
Dallas, TX


Claims Service Representative
Subrogation Unit
Dallas, TX

“DITCHEY GEIGER is a firm we use as they work on a contingency basis; they don’t charge unless they recovery. We could hire another firm … but based on cost benefit analysis DITCHEY is the best deal in town.”

Claims Team Lead
Third Party Administrator
Philadelphia, PA

“Happy New Year to everyone there at DITCHEY GEIGER. I want to say thank you for all of the hard work that your company is doing for us.”

Sr. Subrogation Analyst
Dallas, TX

Everything is going well. You and your team have done an amazing job in collecting funds. I am always asked by the director and manager of the department, how well things are going. I let them know your Staff is AWESOME. Your staff calls if not emails maintaining communication at all times.

I am really pleased to be able to work with your staff and glad that were able to work together.  Thank you again for your assistance with these files. I truly do appreciate DITCHEY GEIGER, LLC for their hard work and collection efforts.”

Liability Claims-Subrogation
Thomasville, NC

We have been so happy with the work your firm has been doing for us and would like to send you more! Would it be possible to have all of our adjusters set up on your website so that they can receive the emails that pertain to their claims and also check for updates? I don’t know what would be the easiest way to go about that so I have attached a list of the people we need added so far, there may be more in the near future. Let me know if you need me to go about this a different way or need anything else.”

Subrogation Claims Assistant
Dallas, TX